2018 Back to Basics Matric Camp

By: Mia-Jade Killingbeck

On the 26th to the 28th of January the matriculants of Melkbosstrand High headed on their annual matric camp. Excitedly anxious for the weekend ahead, the 130 matrics piled in busses and headed on a two hour long drive to Grabouw. They arrived at Back to Basics, which is a military styled camp where army-based activities are instilled.

Upon arrival the matrics were immediately divided into eight different groups and these were the teams that they would have to work with the entire weekend. The teams were completely randomly picked. This also gave an opportunity for the students to branch out from their usual group of friends and get to know the rest of the grade, ultimately building bonds you never thought you would. Speaking about bonds… We thought that we would at least have a say in our sleeping arrangements but yet again the facilitators at Back to Basics had something else in store for us.

Our Head Girl and classmates arriving at the Matric Camp

Our Head Girl Martine Hartung and classmates arriving at the Matric Camp

Some of the activities at the camp included an obstacle course, the Spider Web, where we had to get each member of our team through the gaps without touching the ‘web’, and the army course which involved rolling and swimming in muddy water! One activity we had to complete was called Toxic Blocks and toxic is a very fitting name for this activity. In this activity each team was given five blocks each and had to use those five blocks to get across the field without touching the floor.

It seems pretty simple but the facilitators would interfere by doing things like pushing the students off blocks so that everyone had to start for the beginning. The lesson behind this activity was to realise that there are going to be ‘toxic’ people in your life that are going to want to push you off the right path and try to stop you from being successful, but you must learn to ignore those people and not to give up on your goal. Another activity was Life Line, this happened at night in the forest. There was a small string tied between trees that went through the forest. Each person had to hold on to the string and walk through the forest by themselves with no light.

Photo Credits to Mrs Adri VIviers

Muddy Waters at the Matric Camp

Besides all physical and strenuous activities there was other social events that were very exciting and that we could truly enjoy like the talent show on Saturday. Each team had to have a model who wore clothes made out of plastic bags and newspaper designed by the team members, a war cry, a dance, a poem and a song. Towards the end of the show all the teachers got up onto the stage and danced, it was so entertaining to see the ‘unprofessional’, care free side of them.

Photo creds to Miss Wheeler

Matric Camp goes Prada

All in all the camp was an amazing experience that I’m sure all us matrics will remember for the rest of our lives. Even the food was delicious! The grade as a whole has become closer and more of a family. We have made bonds that will last us the rest of our lives.