Craig Louw – may the course be with you

Golf has become increasingly popular, attracting many to the club-and-ball sport. One in particular being Melkbosstrand High’s Craig Louw. Craig Louw, a grade 10 learner, discovered his interest in golf a mere year and a half ago but has already excelled remarkably in the sport. Driven by what is seen as hard work and passion, Craig has achieved great victory in all the tournaments he has competed in.

Craig trains at the A2B-academy where he is taught how to improve his short-game and long-iron-play. He spends most of his days on the driving range and playing club competitions every Saturday. He plays for Melkbosstrand High as the first team captain.

Craig Louw in action

Craig Louw our in action

Focus and determination on the course

Focus and determination on the golf course

His first Junior Open win, Craig carded a level par 72 to win the Atlantic Beach Junior Open.   He has made Western Province (WP) under 19 thrice and WP under 17 twice. He has also won three tournaments in WP and came 26th in the South African Championship. Admirable for someone who has only been playing the sport for a little over a year.

When asked what exactly it was about this specific sport that made him eager to play it, he replied: “I enjoy it a lot. And the fact that you are only able to blame yourself, no one else.” He hopes to one day become a professional South African golf player and by tracking his accomplishments he doesn’t seem too far off from that goal.

Craig Louw’s hard work and determination has proven to be a driving force in his success and surely with perseverance he will one-day achieve all that he aims to. We wish him luck with his future goals and we hope to see him competing with the best of the best on television! We are very proud to have him as one of our students and representative on the golf course.