From a Melkie to a Steri Stumpie

Finally I can proudly announce that our new school has a platform to display our creativity.

The Melkie is meant to be a haven for our learners to demonstrate the incredible variety that we find in our school every single day. The purpose of our online newspaper is to give our learners a chance to showcase their writing ability.

So you may ask yourself:

“What makes a Melkie writer?”

Well, firstly, on this platform you will encounter Melkies of all walks of life. Our writers share a variety of interests, expertise and a clear vision to inform our community of all the amazing developments at our high school. As a reader you can expect creative, informative and sometimes humorous extracts, which will provide you with all the information you need to be fully involved in our community.

The Melkie will feature host of different materials, from general information about important school dates, to sporting and academic results.

Furthermore we aim to empower our writers to take on other challenges. Challenges that include articles about our community involvement, their opinions about events taking place within our school and our country. The Melkie guarantees our readers articles of note that will engage, enlighten and sometimes provide you with a smile from ear to ear.

Thank you for being one of the first readers in the community to share in our excitement. I challenge all our writers to show the community what flavour of milk they will bring to the Melkie.


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