Junior World Fencing Championships: Marilene represents MHS and SA

Marilene van Wyk (Grade 11) has been chosen to represent South Africa at the Junior World Fencing Championships in France later on this year.

This prestigious event will be held from the 1st to the 10th of April of this year in Bourges, France. Both the Junior and Cadet World Championships will take place here during this time.

The junior events will comprise four fencers from each country whilst the cadet events will comprise three fencers from each country.

Team selection was based on the national rankings of fencers after the Junior National Championships in 2016. Marilene was eligible and experienced enough to qualify for this tournament and we wish her all the best for her preparations. It’s a very short time to get everything in order.

If you see her around the schoolyard, give her a pat on the back. Just make sure she sees you coming, else you might get a stabbing!

Congratulations Marilene! You are doing MHS and South Africa proud!

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