Terje Groenewoud and his kitesurfing adventures

The waves, the salt of the ocean and the correlation this saline natural landscape has with the wild winds of the Atlantic appealed to Terje from before he was 12 years old. This was when he took up kite boarding for the first time in his life. He played around with foil kites on the security of the sandy beaches when the wind speed called for it and shortly thereafter his interested slid into the practice of kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is now his main discipline.

He was practicing all over the Western Cape, searching for the best conditions to set up his sails and launch himself over crashing, cold Atlantic waves. He has been preparing to reach his current goal to attain a youth Olympic qualification in an upcoming trip to China, where competed against aspiring kite surfers with the same goal in mind, in uneasy and sometimes unpredictable weather conditions.

Terje Groenewoud received his SA colours in kite surfing

Terje Groenewoud received his SA colours in kitesurfing

Terje says “I have been preparing for the China trip from the start knowing that if I didn’t qualify in Morocco that I would have to keep at it. I am not so happy about it because it would’ve been easier for me to get a qualification in Morocco than in China. Hoping that the light wind over there will count in my favour as a lot of the other competitors are heavier.”

Terje would surely not be surfing in his familiar spots such as Kite Beach, Kreefies, Derde Steen,Haakgat or Langebaan in the future but all we can do is wish him the very best of luck. Terje`s current plans does not only end here, his focus is set in stone (or should I rather say, shell) to go on world tours to compete against the top riders in the world as well as to become the top Junior South African Champion for wave division in 2019. How ambitious!

After all his training and hard work in the ocean, on behalf of all the Melkies here in Cape Town we hope that you reach your ambitious goals!