Melkies 2018 Athletics in the zone

What happened back on the 12th of March? Melkbosstrand High went to interzonals with one of our biggest team of athletes yet! Yes, we all know Melkbosstrand High School went to zonals to defend our pride, and I must say… from what I’ve heard, it was an amazing day.

Green Point Stadium had a busy day. First off, there were nine schools competing in interzonals, and adding to that, there were additional schools busy with inter schools! The atmosphere was awesome with all the different schools showing spirit, but the backtrack of the entire event – the screaming of the inter school crowds (one can guess, remembering our inter schools!). Although, towards the end when the relays started, I’m quite positive Melkie-spirit triumphed theirs from the pavilions to the track. How exciting! Let’s have some commentary from Mr Damons. He described it as:

“A hot day on and off the track, which produced some excellent results. Something that stood out was the boys u/17 relay (4 times 100m) completing their race in a blistering 46 seconds.”

Well, we definitely had some excellent results. At one point we were 2nd out of the nine schools! Many of our athletes went through to the next interzonal round.

To ‘dish’ on the next round, I spoke to the very talented Carla Neethling.

Carla (aka Lientjie) went to interzonals for discus, javelin and shot put and went through to the 2nd round, where she achieved first place for both javelin and shot put. Furthermore, along with about 20 others, she went to Western Province where she achieved an outstanding third place!

“Ek was baie gelukkig om deur te gaan. Ek was laasjaar ook deur vir interzones, so dit was lekker om hierdie jaar dit weer te kon doen.”

Melkies athletics at it again!

Melkies athletics at it again!

Qualifiers for Western Province trials:

Kacey Binder (1st place, shot put, o/18)

Erika Sauerman

Nathan Davy

Kiara Beuster

Keithon Hoop

Lawon Hill

Hakeem Adams

Alex Uys (2nd place, shot put, o/15)

Jacque Pelser

Axel Botha

These amazing results led me to wonder how the athletes experienced their competition. When I asked, I was told it was ‘just right’. Strong competition, but not impossible to beat, they said. I don’t know about all of you, but that makes me proud. I hear Melkbos say;

“The competition is strong, but we will be stronger.”