Mr & Miss Melkbosstrand Pageant 2019: in full colour

The stars were not the only bright thing available to public eyes on March 12th, 2019. With vibrant decorations and gleaming lights, Melkbosstrand High School was more than exuberant to say “ hello ” to another one of their annual Mr & Miss Melkbosstrand pageants to the school.

To call it excitement which stirred within the participants and students all alike is an understatement. People arrived to this year’s show over an hour before it started! No surprise there, however, the event is famous amongst the students of Melkbos High. Especially, with the reveal of the pageant’s theme: colour.

The evening unfolded with two vivacious hostesses who blew us away with their introduction to the night’s competitors. The young men and woman of the event left an awestruck audience with their astonishing outfits, enjoyable performances and laughter for the crowd. Each participate brought a spectacular presentation to the stage, and with dances to songs such as “Angel in Blue Jeans ” by Train and “ Black Beatles ” by Rae Sremmurd, it’s almost to call March 12th anything but amazing. In fact, many admitted the night ended too quickly!

The judges definitely agreed with that statement. They commented on how difficult the decision of 2019’s winner was, gentle laughter following as one explained that he had not expected the choice to be so troublesome. However, he had still confessed that he was rather impressed.

Results of the evening:

Mr Melkbosstrand – Devontey Trussel

Miss Melkbosstrand – Carla Neethling

The night came to end with plenty of cheers, photos and memories made. Mr and Ms Melkbosstrand came to a wonderful close for the year, and many students are waiting for the next one to come.