Amazing Rotary Interact Club projects 2018

This year, the Rotary Interact club of Melkbosstrand High are taking up more projects than ever before. The three main ones for Term 1, 2018 being a Femme Kit project, fundraising for Fallen Angels (FA) and a volunteer project at the Melkbosstrand Care Centre.

Their main goal with these projects respectively is to raise awareness about each issue within the community as well as fundraise and assist where it is most needed. “Informing the residents of Melkbosstrand about stray animals in the area is of great importance to the welfare of the animals and the future of strays in Melkbos”  says Cameron Meyer (Gr 12), President of the Interact Club.

Rotary Interact Team

Rotary Interact Team

Fallen Angels

Aiding the Fallen Angels establishment in Melkbosstrand with the provision of dog and cat food, water and other pet related goods to make the care of these once roving pets easier is vital at this stage. The establishment currently accommodates an impressive estimate of three hundred canines, twenty-five felines and three pigs. They depend on donations from the public which is why Thania Nordien, old timer volunteer at FA boasts with appreciation to the Rotary Interact team: “Thank you so much everyone, we have so many dogs, cats and pigs at the farm. Everything and anything we appreciate with all our hearts. You are making a difference!”

Femme Kit

The lack of feminine hygiene products in underprivileged South African schools had always been an issue in the past and is still omnipresent today. The unfortunate reality is that female students avert from attending school during their monthlies. This issue was recognised by the Interact team and since 2016 they have set up an all-year-round initiative to collect donations from students within Melkbosstrand High willing to participate. Since this project has been running consecutively for the past two years, the club is positive that it would turn out an even greater success this year.

Care Centre

On the note of education, primary school learners from the rougher parts of our community are in desperate need of help with homework, school lunches, uniforms and the required stationary as prescribed by their school. This is where Melkbosstrand Care Centre comes into play. They tackle the everyday issues and lack of resources experienced by the underprivileged primary school learners in the Melkbosstrand area. The establishment is primarily run by a handful of ambitious women who tend for these children everyday of the week.

Fallen Angels and DART donations

Fallen Angels and DART donations

After Rotary of Melkbos` annual induction meeting the Interact committee had the privilege of meeting these superwomen running the Care Centre. After hearing their future plans the team decided to hastily make a plan to collaborate on an after school homework-helping plan. The idea is for a handful of Interactors to visit the Centre after school hours from Mondays up until Thursdays. According to the Interactors the initiative has been highly successful thus far and they find themselves enjoying the company of the lively children.

What we all can learn from the Rotary Interact team by taking into consideration the amount of blood, sweat and tears going into the projects. They take up each term is that by working towards a long term solution to a problem takes time and effort, but it is completely worth it since it would encourage our community to thrive and result in a future worth looking forward to.