How to survive grade eight; is it possible?

Everyone who has encountered the blindingly foreign concept that is the start of high school, will have either asked this question to themselves, peers or parents at least once in their fresh lifetime: “how do I survive grade eight?”

I am here to assist you with the puppet strings that carry you to the finish line of what basically every teacher likes to call, “the baby year”.

Challenge 1: Kill the Comfort Zone

Everyone has their safe zone, the place that prevents action to take place. Kill it before it kills you.

To achieve this, you will have to get out of there. Improvement does not come from nothing. Be as outgoing as you can in the beginning and stock up on friends, those do come in handy at some point, I promise.

Get as in involved as you can and know that the judgement of your peers will mean absolutely nothing in the long run. It does not matter how much they mean to you now (see it from an outside perspective).

Do new things; sign up for an extramural activity or two or three, make the most out of your high school career. Don’t do it because it’s what authority tells you to do, but because you want to do it for your own benefit. New may seem scary but you will never know unless you try. Trying is key.


Those who test their limits, discover. Once the comfort zone is out of the way, what is stopping you from having an amazing grade eight year? Prepare for the next two challenges.

Grade Eights rolling into 2018

Grade Eights rolling into 2018

Challenge 2: Know Your Place

When I say, “get out there” and make friends, please keep in mind that it will not count in your favour if you follow the egotistical “know-it-all route”.

It is street-smart to get in the good books of the higher grades (that should be considered general knowledge), however, you will not get there if you are too busy trying to retaliate. Think of them as animals in a zoo; pull funny faces and rattle their cage and you are bound to feel a bit bigger than their reputation.

Plus, everyone loves a friendly, good hearted person. Why not set an example if you do not think anyone else is? Kindness is an elevator to good fortune – for yourself and those around you.

Challenge 3: Be Yourself

This is the most important challenge; to be comfortable in your own skin. Do not change for anybody except yourself. Shaping yourself into the form of a stranger will damage you more than popularity’s worth ever will be. Be proud of who you are and when your mom tells you the same thing, listen to her. Be the person you know you will be proud to say you were after you graduate.

Ask yourself; did you express yourself to your full extent? Is what you say bringing life or negativity? Are the friends you surround yourself with influencing you for the better or worse?

I hope this helped you to leave eating in the bathroom stalls to your past! However, if all else fails and you are in need of further assistance, I recommend my faithful friend, Google. She always has a solution somewhere up her sleeve.