MHS Swim-Gala a Huge Success

This year Melkbosstrand High School hosted its very first swim-gala. What a busy and exciting afternoon it was!

The swim-gala started off with one of the big races: The senior boys 100m Freestyle. This was a very strong race but Dylan Small from the Seals team, showed us how it’s done. Dylan also went on to win the Senior Boys 25m Dash-For-Cash with Alex Kugelmann, Jason Oxley and Jarrud Benn hot on his heels.

In the senior girls section Carli Stadler triumphed. She won every single race with elegance and a beautiful stroke reminiscent of an early Penny Heyns.

In the junior sections, Byron Maree and Judy Franken won the junior boys and girls Dash-For-Cash race, proving they are the fastest junior swimmers the school has to offer.

To finish the afternoon, it was time for the house captains and cheerleader relay. Giving it their all and leaving it all behind in the pool, our seniors did very well with the Sharks team coming out on top of this extraordinary first swim-gala.

A huge thank you goes out to all the moms that helped keep time as well as Ouskip for allowing us to use their facilities. Also well done to all the swimmers for giving their best!

At the end of the day there unfortunately can only be one winner. So without further ado; the results:
In 3rd place: Penguins
In 2nd place: Sharks
1st place goes to the Seals.




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