Teenager Problems: Selective Amnesia

Teenagers have a complicated life where NOTHING is ever fair. So doesn’t it make sense that we have a kit of things that makes life a little easier? We do and we use it everyday, with some comical after effects, of course.

One of the most common tools teenagers use from our kit is ‘forgetting’ things that we just so happen to dislike doing.


I call it: selective amnesia.


You usually get it at school. That moment when your friends are talking about homework and you stare at them as if you are mentally not healthy.

“We had to do that?!”

It’s the question that usually comes to mind. The homework you forgot to do was probably EMS, right?

The other form of selective amnesia can be found at home.

This is the situation where you would innocently be reading when your mom comes into your room. (Notice how the words ‘innocent’ and ‘reading’ go together.)

“Didn’t I tell you to clean your room?” She would ask, arms akimbo.

“Uuuuh, no…” the response would come forgetfully.

By your reasoning, your mom would be so shocked you were reading she’d let your ‘amnesia’ go unscolded.

The selective amnesia trick can only work a certain amount of times, but I’m sure each generation of teenagers will still be using it. Since we enjoy being rebellious in weirdly small ways and taking shortcuts wherever we can.

Cue the sighs of old people and the eye-roll that accompanies the word:


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  1. Layzelle
    09/03/2016 at 5:32 PM

    Go Girl!!!

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