Two minutes in the melting pot: A peep into the mind of Mr van der Spuy

van der spuy

Mr van der Spuy – Afrikaans teacher


For some people who spend their time in the quiet corners of our school ground a lengthy introduction is needed. Others like the man in question, doesn’t need one. He is known as a melting pot of madness and creativity with a touch of love. A man who takes pride in his work and in his beard. Mikayla Butler spent a couple of minutes with this Afrikaans-teacher during first break.


Sir, what is your opinion on the Afrikaans language being taught in schools, in view of the fact that business’ all over the world is conducted in English? Some say that Afrikaans is a dying language whilst others may argue that the language is in fact growing. What would you say?


I believe that Afrikaans should definitely be taught in schools, but there should also be a third option such as French, German or any other European language. In this country Afrikaans is a necessity as it is one of the most widely understood languages nationwide. Yet, at the same time I believe all of our 11 official languages deserve to have an equal footing in our educational system, as it is the symbol of our rainbow nation. In essence, I am an idealist who believes you should be able to be taught the(and in) the language of your choice.


If you were given one opportunity to help people of the world in any way possible, what would u choose to do?


Peace. I would bring peace to the places of the world where there is conflict. I find war to be idiotic and unnecessary. Most wars or conflicts are caused by greed, yet it is just as easy to be satisfied with what one has. To say I am not a fan of John Lennon is to put it lightly but, the lyrics to ”Imagine”… that’s something that summarizes my opinion on this question.


Do you have any tattoos or would you ever consider getting your body tattooed?

One`s body is a temple and should not be desecrated. Besides which, as one ages, what once was a bird flying, with time and wrinkles, will become a bird falling.


If you were given a few seconds to close your eyes and think of anything you`d want to be, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?

There are a few parts to that answer: Firstly I`d say that I would want to be a private detective. Then a renowned and appreciated writer, misunderstood in his time. A rock-star exactly like Mr. Theron and finally, if I cant be any of these, I`d want to be a Simba Chippie.


Thank you for your time, Sir, your opinions were very insightful.


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